departments and research groups

  departments research groups

  Department of Analytical Chemistry
Group of Analytical Flow Techniques  

Toxicological and Pharmaceutical Analysis Group

  Department of Chemical Education

  Department of Chemical Physics
Phase Transitions Research Team  

Raman Imaging Group

Vibrational Spectroscopy Research Group

  Department of Chemical Technology
Chemistry of Polymers Group  

Environmental Technology Research Group

Organic Technology Research Group

Technology of Materials and Nanomaterials Research Group

  Department of Computational Methods in Chemistry

  Department of Crystal Chemistry and Crystal Physics

Crystal Engineering and Structure Analysis

Structure-oriented Powder Diffractometry Group

  Department of Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Catalysis Group  

  Department of General Chemistry
Physicochemistry of Interfacial Phenomena Group  

  Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Coordination and Bioinorganic Physicochemistry Group  

Coordination Chemistry Group

Heterogeneous Reactions Kinetics Group

Inorganic Molecular Materials Group

Plan Materials Research Group

Research Group for Catalysis and Solid State Chemistry

Research Group for Catalysis and Solid State Chemistry II

  Department of Organic Chemistry
Chemical Biology and Drug Design  

Heterocyclic and Organometallic Chemistry Research Group

Organic Physicochemistry Research Group

Stereoselective Synthesis Group

  Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
Electrochemistry Group  

Femtochemistry Group

Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy

Nanotechnology of Polymers and Biomaterials

Photochemistry and Luminescence Research Group

Physical Chemistry of Surfaces

  Department of Theoretical Chemistry
Quantum Chemistry Group  

Research Group of Organic Semiconductors

Theoretical Molecular Physics Group


laboratories and their research groups



  laboratories research groups

  Laboratory for Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

  Laboratory for Forensic Chemistry

  Laboratory of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

  Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy

  Research Group Acidic Paper