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Plane travel

The best way to get to Krakow by plane is to chose landing in the Krakow Airport. It is situated about 15 km from the City Center, and the transportation to the Park Inn Hotel, where the Conference takes place, might by done in several ways:

  • by Taxi. It takes about 30-45 minutes (depending on the traffic) and costs ca. 100 PLN (ca. 25 EURO).
  • by train to the KRAKÓW Main Railway Station. It costs 8 PLN (ca. 2 EURO).The train station is located 200 m from the T1 international terminal. For travel between the terminals and the station, we advise you to use the free Shuttle Bus service. To get to the Park Inn Hotel from the KRAKOW Main Railway Station we advise to get a taxi (+48 12 19191) or take a tram no. 19 (Direction: Borek Fałęcki), then get off just after crossing the Vistula River. A single ticket costs 2,50 PLN (ca. 60 EURO cents) and may be purchased at kiosks, ticket machines or from a bus driver.
  • By City bus no. 292 (it costs 3,00 PLN) departing from the bus stop next to the T1 international terminal. You should get off at the Cracovia bus stop then take the second bus: line no. 114 (Direction: Ruczaj), 124 (Direction: Kampus UJ), 164 (Direction: Piaski Nowe), 173 (Direction: Bieżanów Nowy).

Plane to the Katowice or Warsaw Airports

You can also fly to Warsaw and Katowice. From Warsaw's main railway station you can take an InterCity or an Express train; the journey takes about 2.5 hours. To request a taxi from the airport to the railway station, go to one of the approved taxi company desks in the airport arrivals hall or take bus number 175. A train ticket will cost about 100 PLN for second class and may be purchased at the Orbis office at the airport or at the train station itself. From Katowice airport you can (for 88 PLN) take a bus to Krakow's city center, but please make a reservation for it when you buy your ticket.

Traveling by train

There are direct international railway connections to Krakow from Austria (Vienna), the Czech Republic (Prague), Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt/M, Frankfurt/O, Leipzig), Hungary (Budapest), Rumania (Bucharest), Slovakia (Bratislava, Kosice), and Ukraine (Kiev, Lvov, Odessa). Krakow is also linked with all other main towns and cities in Poland. The railway station is in the centre of the town, close to the area in which most of the hotels and the conference buildings are situated. If you arrive by train and want to take a taxi we would advise you call for a radio-taxi or take one from the stand on the rooftop parking above the railway station (reachable by stairs or elevator from any of the platforms). Rates of taxis in front of the station's main building are more expensive. The train schedule is available on the railway company's web page (see PKP or on the Hafas page).

Traveling by car

Krakow is located close to important roads, highways and at the crossroads of E 7 (linking the North with the South) and E4 (linking the West with the East). One may also travel to Krakow along the A4 highway running from the West through Silesia (the toll for this highway is 10 PLN). There are several parking areas in the centre of Krakow.

Traveling by coach

Many travel agencies offer regular coach connections between Krakow and numerous cities in Europe. Travelling by coach, one may arrive from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

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The official currency in Poland is Złoty (PLN). The money may be easily exchanged in one of the numerous ex-change offices, usually with no-commission charges. The official ex-change rate may be found at the Polish National Bank website.

July in Krakow is usually warm with ca. 25 C deg. The humidity is medium. Occasional rains or summer storms may occur.

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