6th International Conference
on Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter
6-9 July 2004, Cracow, Poland

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The following scientists have accepted the invitation to give lectures:

  • S. Adachi (Sapporo, Japan) "Polarization and wave-vector dependent measurements by four-wave mixing in ZnO: Exciton-exciton correlation effects and valence-band ordering"
  • M. Buron-Le Cointe (Rennes, France) "Time-resolved X-ray diffraction: a wonderful tool for probing structural photo-induced phase transitions"
  • F. Dominguez-Adame (Madrid, Spain) "Diffusion of localized Frenkel excitons in molecular aggregates at low temperature"
  • J.-P. Galaup (Orsay, France) "Spectrally selective molecular doped solids: spectroscopy, photophysics and their application to ultrafast optical pulse processing"
  • H. Kalt (Karlsruhe, Germany) "Quasi-ballistic exciton transport in quantum wells"
  • A. Kavokin (Clermont-Ferrand, France) "Bose condensation of exciton-polaritons and polariton lasing"
  • K. Matsuda (Kanagawa, Japan) "Real-space mapping of exciton wave function in a GaAs quantum dot by near-field imaging spectroscopy"
  • A. Meijerink (Utrecht, The Netherlands) "VUV spectroscopy of lanthanide ions in insulator crystals"
  • P. Michler (Stuttgart, Germany) "Single-photon and photon-pair emission from quantum dots"
  • N. Naka (Wako, Japan) "Bosonic stimulation of cold excitons in a harmonic potential trap in Cu2O"
  • C. Silva (Cambridge, UK): "Exciton diffusion in chiral stacks of conjugated oligomers"
  • F. Spano (Philadelphia, USA) "Optical excitations in aggregates, films and crystals of conjugated oligomers and polymers"
  • S. Stafström (Linköping, Sweden) "Charge and energy dynamics in photo-excited PPV systems"
  • M. Szymoñski (Cracow, Poland) "Electronic excitation related phenomena at the surface of solids"
  • K. Tanimura (Osaka, Japan) "Ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopic study on photo-induced structural phase transitions in quasi one-dimensional organic crystals"
  • R.T. Williams (Winston-Salem, USA) "Giant oscillator strength of excitons in bulk and nanostructured systems"
  • G. Zumofen (Zurich, Switzerland) "Photon statistics in the fluorescence of single bichromophoric molecule"