HPLC/DAD Screening Method for Selected Psychotropic Drugs in Blood

Katarzyna Madej1, Andrzej Parczewski1, Maria Kała2


The influence of experimental conditions on gradient HPLC/DAD (High Performance Liquid Chromatography/ Diode Array Detector) separation and identification of thirteen psychotropic drugs belonging to phenothiazines and tricyclic antidepressants has been examined. The main and interaction effects of three experimental factors were determined according to a 23 factorial design, and the optimum conditions of analysis were searched for. Degree to which the chromatographic peaks overlap is taken into account in a separation quality criterion proposed. The screening analysis proposed was tested on whole blood samples spiked with mixtures of the examined drugs. The method was characterized by such validation parameters as: relative retention times, absorbance ratios at two wavelengths, detection limits, linearity ranges and extraction recoveries. The method proved to be a suitable tool in identification of psychotropic drugs tested for forensic purposes.