Zastosowanie metody oznaczania alkaloidów opium we włosach narkomanów

Renata Wietecha1, Roman Stanaszek2


In the last decades advances in analytical methods have enabled determination of drugs of abuse in alternative biological samples such as hair, sweat, saliva etc. One important feature of hair analysis is its long-term information on an individual's drug use in contrast to the short-term information provided by the urinalysis The analytical procedure of determination of opiates in hair which was previously developed in the Institute of Forensic Research was applied to analyse this group of drugs of abuse in hair of detoxification and methadone treatment patients who abused "polish heroin". This was the preliminary study in the field

Keywords: włosy, chromatografia gazowa sprzężona ze spektrometrią mas (GC/MS), opiaty, program metadonowy