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Crystal Engineering and Structural Analysis Group
Zespół Inżynierii Krystalicznej i Analizy Strukturalnej - ZIKAS)

ZIKAS was founded on February 2010 as the continuation of the former Crystal Structure Analysis Group
established in early seventies of 20th century by late professor Józef Chojnacki.

Research Highlights

Some of our recent publications and achievements

Multi-Component Crystals: Synthesis, Concepts, Function

by Edward Tiekink (Editor), Julio Zukerman-Schpector (Editor), Srinivasulu Aitipamula (Contributor), Ivana Antonijevic (Contributor), Jubaraj B. Baruah (Contributor), Orion B. Berryman (Contributor), Elena V. Boldyreva (Contributor), Daniel A. Decato (Contributor), Marc Fourmigue (Contributor), Ryan H. Groeneman (Contributor), Marlena Gryl (Contributor), Kristin M. Hutchins (Contributor), Kohei Johmoto (Contributor), Anna Krawczuk (Contributor), Tom Leyssens (Contributor), Alex Manin (Contributor), Leonard R. MacGillivray (Contributor), Disam Malenov (Contributor), German Perlovich (Contributor), Jelena Stojakovic (Contributor), Artem Surov (Contributor), Reginald B.H. Tan (Contributor), Joop H. Ter Horst (Contributor), Hidehiro Uekusa (Contributor), Snezana Zaric (Contributor)
Joanna Wojnarska was awarded Dragons' Den prize at IUCr2017 Hyderabad for her research project on Engineering crystal symmetry for new non-centrosymmetric materials!



A program to compute distributed atomic polarizabilities
Authors: Anna Krawczuk, Daniel Perez, Piero Macchi (Copyright 2014)
Marlena Gryl
Charge density and optical properties of multicomponent crystals containing active pharmaceutical ingredients or their analogues

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