Raman Imaging Group

specializes in:

• pharmacology and pharmacotherapy: development of methodology for spectroscopic diagnosis of civilization diseases,
• biology and biochemistry: studying of tissues, cells, metabolites, biopolymers, analysis of natural dyes and pigments,
• pharmacy: analysis of polymorphism and active substances in drugs.
• chemical imaging of tissues and cells, ex vivo and in vitro, "label-free" and with reporters,
• physico-chemical study of surface of biological samples in normal conditions and under the influence of stress or pathology,
• development of new experimental techniques, including SERS and TERS, and applications of chemometrics to spectroscopic data.

Zespół Obrazowania Ramanowskiego
The group specializes in Raman and infrared imaging. We use also several specialistic spectroscopics methods based on Raman optical activity (ROA), surface enhanced Raman effect (SERS) and infrared absorption of molecules isolated in low temperature matrices of inert gases. In data analysis we applay quantum-chemical calculations and chemometric techniques.

There are 11 PhD students (Jakub, Grzegorz, Ewelina, Monika, Ewelina, Karolina, Szymon, Aneta, Bożena, Ewa and Ewelina) working under Faculty PhD programs, JCET and InterDokMed. 10 MSc projects are realized in our group, one of them in the Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry program. We are involved in 17 projects.

Raman Imaging Group makes spectroscopic measurements to order.

CLIRSPEC - International Society for Clinical Spectroscopy (https://clirspec.org/), whose director is Malgosia, is a non-profit organisation, constituted in 2015. The Society exists to act as a platform for those individuals, teams and organisations wishing to promote the translation of spectroscopy into the clinical environment, for the general benefit of patients; for example, to improve patient diagnosis and prognosis. The company offers Summer School for young scientist and students (http://onlineshop.strath.ac.uk).