International PhD Projects Programme

Our programme is designed to improve the standard of scientific research conducted at the Faculty of Chemistry by outstanding researchers in the course of preparing their doctoral dissertations, and to intensify international cooperation. The programme aims to train future scientists able to work in highly competitive environment and with abilities to work across disciplines. For this purpose we carefully selected topics from among the most-innovative and most-desired modern chemistry and to-chemistry-related material science.

The projects consists of 20 subjects selected for young and prospective PhD candidates to be realized at the Faculty of Chemistry Jagiellonian University - project presentation

Students from all countries are invited to apply. Duration of each project is 4 years, including 6-24 months spent abroad in the foreign partner institutions.

Recent papers

Grzegorz D. Sulka, Katarzyna Hnida
Distributed Bragg reflectors based on porous anodic alumina fabricated by pulse anodization
Nanotechnology, 23 (2012) 075303

L. Chmielarz, M. Wojciechowska, M. Rutkowska, A. Węgrzyn, A. Adamski, A. Kowalczyk, B. Dudek, R. Dziembaj, A. Matusiewicz, M. Michalik
Acid-activated vermiculites as catalysts of the DeNOx process
Catalysis Today, 191 (2012) 25-31

R. Dziembaj, M.M. Zaitz, M. Rutkowska, M. Molenda, L. Chmielarz
Nanostructured Co-Ce-O systems for catalytic decomposition of N2O
Catalysis Today, 191 (2012) 121-124

P. Kwolek, M. Oszajca, K. Szaciłowski
Catecholate and 2,3-acenediolate complexes of d0 ions as prospective materials for molecular electronics and spintronics
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 256 (2012) 1706-1731

Dorota Majda, Wacław Makowski, Maria Mańko
Pore size distribution of micelle-templated silicas studied by thermoporosimetry using water and n-heptane
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 109 (2012) 663-669

B. Nowicka, T. Korzeniak, O. Stefańczyk, D. Pinkowicz, S. Chorąży, R. Podgajny, B. Sieklucka
The impact of ligands upon topology and functionality of octacyanidometallate-based assemblies
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 256 (2012) 1946-1971

P. de Silva, T. A. Wesolowski
Pure-state noninteracting v-representability of electron densities from Kohn-Sham calculations with finite basis sets
Phys. Rev A, 85 (2012) 032518

R. Janus, P. Natkański, A. Wach, M, Drozdek, Z. Piwowarska, P. Cool, P. Kuśtrowski
Thermal transformation of polyacrylonitrile deposited on SBA-15 type silica: effect on adsorption capacity of methyl–ethyl ketone vapor
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 110 (2012) 119-125

Ana V.C. Simoes, Agnieszka Adamowicz, Janusz M. Dąbrowski, Mario J.F. Calvete, Artur R. Abreu, Grażyna Stochel, Luis G. Arnaut, Mariette M. Pereira
Amphiphilic meso(sulfonate ester fluoroaryl)porphyrins: refining the substituents of porphyrin derivatives for phototherapy and diagnostics
Tetrahedron, 68 (2012) 8767 – 8772

Marcin Oszajca, Lˇubomir Smrcˇok, Helena Palkova, Wiesław Łasocha
Synthesis and structure determination of tetrakis(4-iodoanilinum) b-octamolybdate dihydrate
Journal of Molecular Structure, 1021 (2012) 70-75

Marcin Molenda, Michał Świętosławski and Roman Dziembaj
C/Li2MnSiO4 nanocomposite cathode material for Li-ion batteries
Composites and Their Properties, InTech, 4 (2012) 61-80

P. de Silva, T. A. Wesolowski
Exact non-additive kinetic potentials in realistic chemical systems
J. Chem. Phys., 137 (2012) 094110

P. de Silva, J. Korchowiec, T. A. Wesolowski
Revealing the Bonding Pattern from the Molecular Electron Density Using Single Exponential Decay Detector: An Orbital-Free Alternative to the Electron Localization Function
PhysChemPhys, 13 (2012) 3462

Szymon Chorąży, Koji Nakabayashi, Kenta Imoto, Jacek Młynarski, Barbara Sieklucka, Shin-ichi Ohkoshi
Conjunction of Chirality and Slow Magnetic Relaxation in the Supramolecular Network Constructed of Crossed Cyano-Bridged CoII–WV Molecular Chains
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134 (2012) 16151-16154 more...

Recent presentations

Maciej Roman - poster - "Structural changes of beta-carotene and some retinoid pharmaceuticals induced by environmental factors", "FT-IR imaging and FT-Raman mapping of Ni-hyperaccumulating and non-hyperaccumulating genotypes of Senecio coronatus"31st European Congress on Molecular Spectroscopy26 - 31 October, 2012 - Kluż-Napoka, Romania

Agnieszka Adamowicz - poster - "Novel amphiphilic meso(sulfonate ester fluoroaryl) tetrapyrroles: Refining the substituents of porphyrin derivatives for photodynamic therapy and pre-treatment diagnosis"9th International Symposium on Photodynamic Therapy and Photodiagnosis in Clinical Practice16 - 20 October, 2012 - Brixen/Bressanone, Italy

Katarzyna Hnida - poster - "Measurement and analysis of Seeebeck coefficient of an indium antimonide nanowire from a pulse electrodeposition method"Man and Environment Humboldt Kolleg11 - 14 October, 2012 - Kraków, Poland

Szymon Chorąży - poster - "Conjunction of Chirality, Magnetic Anisotropy and Microporosity in the Supramolecular Network Constructed of Crossed Cyano-Bridged CoII-WV Molecular Chains"The 13th International Conference on Molecule-based Magnets (ICMM2012)07 - 11 October, 2012 - Orlando, USA

Maria Oszajca - poster - "Interaction of (ImH)[trans-RuCl4(dmso)(Im)] with NO in the context of angiogenesis inhibition "Defeating Cancer. Can non coding small RNAs be new Players?24 - 25 September, 2012 - Orleans, France

Maria Oszajca - poster - "Oddziaływanie kompleksu (ImH)[trans-RuCl4(dmso)(Im)] z tlenkiem azotu(II)"55 Zjazd PTChem i SITPChem16 - 20 September, 2012 - Białystok, Poland

Mateusz Brela - poster - "Molecular modeling of the alkaline anionic exchange membranes for Fuel Cells"55 Zjazd PTChem i SITPChem16 - 20 September, 2012 - Białystok, Poland

Osama El-Sepelgy - poster - "Asymmetric cross aldol reaction of pyruvic derivatives: Biomimetic synthesis of ulosonic acids"Catalysis In Organic Chemistry (ICCOS – 2012)15 - 20 September, 2012 - Moskow, Russia

Tomasz Seidler - poster - "A comparative charge density and DFT study of 2-amino-5-nitropyridine derivatives"European Charge Density Meeting15 - 20 September, 2012 - Strbske Pleso, Slovakia

Małgorzata Rutkowska" - communication - "Mesoporous Beta zeolite, synthesis and catalytic activity in N2O decomposition"XIX Forum Zeolitowe11 - 15 September, 2012 - Małe Ciche, Poland

Mateusz Brela - poster - "Molecular modeling of the alkaline anionic exchange membranes for Fuel Cells"Modeling and Design of Molecular Materials 201210 - 14 September, 2012 - Wrocław, Poland

Michał Świętosławski - communication - "Carbon nanocoatings obtained from pyrolysed polymers"The 11th Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (CCTA 11)09 - 13 September, 2012 - Zakopane, Poland

Rafał Janus - communication - "TG study on CMK-3 synthesized by polycondensation of furfuryl alcohol"The 11th Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (CCTA 11)09 - 13 September, 2012 - Zakopane, Poland

Małgorzata Rutkowska - poster - "N2O decomposition over aluminosilicates with hierarchical porous structure and zeolitic properties", "Total oxidation of selected mono-carbon VOCs over hydrotalcite originated metal oxide catalysts"7th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis02 - 06 September, 2012 - Lyon, France

Mateusz Brela - poster - "Molecular modeling of the alkaline anionic exchange membranes for Fuel Cells"The Central European Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry02 - 05 September, 2012 - Mariapfarr, Austria

Przemysław Jodłowski - poster - "Wire gauze reactor for CH4 and CO removal from biogas-fuelled engine exhaust"9th International Congress on Catalysis and Automotive Pollution Control29 - 31 August, 2012 - Brussels, Belgium

Katarzyna Hnida - poster - "Template assisted method of synthesis InSb nanowires for thermoelectric application", "One-step synthesis of hybrid conducting polymer-metal nanowires"The 63rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry - Electrochemistry for Advanced Materials, Technologies and Instrumentation19 - 24 August, 2012 - Prague, Czechy

Rafał Janus - poster - "Investigation into low-temperature transformations of PAN and PFA deposited on MCM-41"ZMPC 2012 International Symposium on Zeolites and Microporous Crystals28 July - 01 August, 2012 - Hiroshima, Japan

Małgorzata Rutkowska - communication - "Bifunctional micro-mesoporous materials with properties of Beta zeolite; designing of the new synthesis steps, and catalytic activity in N2O decomposition"7 Kongres Technologii Chemicznej08 - 12 July, 2012 - Kraków, Poland

Michał Świętosławski - communication/poster - "C/Li2MnSiO4 - nanokompozytowy materiał katodowy dla baterii litowych", "Zastosowanie polimerów hydrofilowych w otrzymywaniu nanokompozytów elektrodowych", "Otrzymywanie i właściwości nanometrycznego fosforanu litowo-żelazowego do zastosowań w akumulatorach litowo-jonowych"7 Kongres Technologii Chemicznej08 - 12 July, 2012 - Kraków, Poland

Przemysław Jodłowski - communication - "Zastosowanie reaktorów strukturalnych opartych na tlenkach metali do dopalania tlenku węgla oraz metanu z turbin biogazowych: eksperymenty oraz modelowanie"7 Kongres Technologii Chemicznej08 - 12 July, 2012 - Kraków, Poland

Rafał Janus - communication/poster - "Zastosowania adsorpcyjne sita molekularnego MCM-41 modyfikowanego częściowo karbonizowanym poliakrylonitrylem lub poli(alkoholem furfurylowym)", "Repliki węglowe typu CMK-3 na bazie poli(alkoholu furfurylowego) jako obiecujące katalizatory utleniającego odwodornienia etylobenzenu", "Badania nad właściwościami powierzchniowymi mezoporowatych materiałów krzemionkowych"7 Kongres Technologii Chemicznej08 - 12 July, 2012 - Kraków, Poland

Marek Oszajca - poster - "Logic systems from surface modified CdSe quantum dots"3rd Molecular Sensors and Molecular Logic Gates08 - 11 July, 2012 - Seoul, South Korea

Karolina Sadowska - poster - "Accessibility studies of hierarchic zeolites with different probe molecules", "Hierarchic zeolites: the properties of zeolite ZSM-5 desilicated with NaOH and tetrabutylammonium hydroxide"15th International Congress on Catalysis01 - 06 July, 2012 - Munich, Germany

Przemysław Jodłowski - poster - "Structured wire gauze reactors for exhaust gas after-treatment from producer gas fuelled engines", "Challenging zeolite catalysts in structured reactors for NH3-SCR of NOx from biogas engines: active center design"15th International Congress on Catalysis01 - 06 July, 2012 - Munich, Germany

Michał Świętosławski - communication/poster - "Carbon nanocoatings for Li-ion batteries composite electrodes", "Electrochemical and structural properties of C/Li2MnSiO4 nanocomposite cathode materials for li-ion batteries"10th International Symposium on Systems with Fast Ionic Transport01 - 04 July, 2012 - Chernoglovka, Russia

Piotr de Silva - poster - "Fast orbital localization scheme in molecular fragments resolution"International Congress of Quantum Chemistry25 - 30 June, 2012 - Boulder, USA

Maria Oszajca - poster - "The effect of N-methylimidazole on the reactivity of a model complex for Compound II. A combined experimental and theoretical study"International Symposia on Metal Complexes – ISMEC 201218 - 22 June, 2012 - Lisbon, Portugal

Michał Świętosławski - poster - "Nanocomposite C/Li2MnSiO4 cathode material for lithium ion batteries", "Novel anhydrous synthesis of nanometric LiFePO4", "Smart carbon nanocoatings for LiFePO4 and Li2MnSiO4 cathode materials"16th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries – New Era for Smart Energy Storage17 - 22 June, 2012 - Jeju, South Korea

Katarzyna Hnida - poster - "Electrochemical methods of synthesis thermoelectric nanowires", "Template-assisted synthesis of potentiostatic pH sensor based on HQS-doped polypyrrole nanowires", "Synthesis and characterization of hybrid polypyrrole-silver nanowires for sensing applications"3rd International Symposium on Surface Imaging/Spectroscopy at the Solid/Liquid Interface27 May - 01 June, 2012 - Kraków, Poland

Tomasz Mazur - poster - "EPR/HYSCORE study of CO adducts with nickel centers in ZSM-5 molecular sieves"II Forum EMR-PL16 - 18 May, 2012 - Hucisko, Poland more...