CITIES Project and the Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University

have pleasure to invite to the

Closing Seminar of the European CITIES Project

which will take place in Kraków 27th-30th Sept. 2009


Chemistry is a central science, and the chemical industry a motor of innovation in Europe. The Lisbon goals demand skilled specialists and awareness of the European citizens. It is the teachers who kindle pupils interests at an early stage and guide them through the education system. Currently, teachers, curricula and pupils in many European schools are too far away from reality in the chemical industry and in research and development. The CITIES project aspires to innovate in the development of partnership approaches between teacher training institutions, chemical industries and social partners, where universities act as catalysts. CITIES has developed a modular in-service teacher training programme for chemistry teachers. The training modules will not only transport information, but also change attitudes and increase awareness of teachers as multipliers and guides to their pupils and students.


We kindly invite science teachers, teacher trainers, industry and social partners to take part in the CITIES project closing. The Conference is the opportunity exchange experiences and develop co-operation between teacher training institutions, chemical industries and social partners. It will also be an opportunity for participants to visit Krakow, famous for its cultural heritage and friendly atmosphere.


Prof. Dr. Leo Gros, Dipl.-Chem., EurChem, FRSC

Vice President - International & Co-operations

Hochschule Fresenius, Idstein, Germany

dr hab. Marek Frankowicz

Faculty of Chemistry

Jagiellonian University, Kraków 


Project Coordinator



Head of Organizing Committee