6th International Conference
on Excitonic Processes in Condensed Matter
6-9 July 2004, Cracow, Poland

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The series of EXCON conferences, started in Darwin (Australia) in 1994, is dedicated to the interdisciplinary field of exciton physics, providing an interdisciplinary forum for mutual research communications between solid state physicists, photo-physicists, photo- chemists and photo-biologists, as well as material scientists. The conferences are specifically designed to consolidate research on excitonic processes in inorganic and organic systems. For historical reasons, these two areas are usually separated and the researchers working in one of them have little or no opportunity to interact with those working in the other. The conferences, encompassing all areas of exciton physics, are also meant to bridge the gap between theoreticians and experimentalists, and to promote communication between scientists working on different continents. To this end, the conference venue changes, rotating between Australia, Europe, America and Asia. The past conferences were held in Darwin (Australia, 1994), Kurort Gohrisch (Germany, 1996), Boston (USA, 1998), Osaka (Japan, 2000), and Darwin again in 2002.

The main topics of EXCON conferences are:

  1. Excitonic and Polaritonic Condensation and Superfluidity
  2. Coherent Excitonic Processes
  3. Nonlinear Excitonic Processes
  4. Exciton-Lattice Interaction
  5. Photoinduced Structural Phase Changes
  6. Core Electron Excitations
  7. Excitons in Semiconductors and Quantum Confined Systems
  8. Excited States and Excitons in Disordered and Amorphous Systems
  9. Excitons in Organic Materials and Polymers
  10. Energy Transfer in Biological Systems
  11. Nanostructure Materials
  12. Photonic Crystals
  13. Temporally and Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of Excitons

The present conference was attended by 209 participants from 21 countries, with the total number of 186 papers (17 invited and 169 contributed). It is encouraging to note that, in addition to the unwavering participation of the established members of the EXCON community, the present choice of the conference venue has enabled to attend numerous researchers from post-communist countries, especially the young ones. This has been made possible owing to the generous sponsorship from UNESCO-ROSTE, and the organizers would like to take this opportunity to express their enormous gratitude to this organization.

The EXCON'04 conference was held under the patronage of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University, and benefited from substantial logistic support from this institution, which is gratefully acknowledged here, along with the financial support from the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research and the Polish Ministry of National Education and Sport.

The Elsevier Publishers (Journal of Luminescence) established the special EXCON Prize which at the present conference was awarded for the first time.

The next conference of the EXCON series will be held in Winston-Salem (USA), and will be chaired by Richard Williams.